1st American Insurance saves Chicagoans money with the best available insurance at the lowest possible rates. Even if you have a less-than-perfect driving record or have received traffic tickets, we will find the right policy for you. If you live anywhere in Chicagoland or northwest Indiana, 1st American Insurance will customize a payment plan to fit your budget. We will even accept your credit card, debit card or check right over the phone. One phone call may save you hundreds of dollars each year and give you the peace of mind knowing that you can drive your vehicle legally. Call us right now! Our friendly and knowledgeable insurance representatives are waiting to hear from you!

1st American Insurance provides the most affordable auto insurance to drivers in the Chicago-area and northwest Indiana. We guarantee the lowest possible rates for all drivers, regardless of age or past driving record; we even offer same-day SR-22 coverage.

Simply enter your zip code and receive a free quote within minutes. We will find you the policy that best fits your needs and your budget, and we will email your insurance documents and I.D. cards immediately! You don’t need to wait for auto insurance, we are here for you!

The benefits of 1st American Insurance:

• Get same-day, affordable vehicle insurance. We will provide you with free care insurance quotes in less than a minute. We can provide complete insurance coverage in 5 minutes or less. We will even email your insurance documents & ID cards in seconds!

• We represent more than 20 insurance companies who are competing to give you the best possible coverage at the lowest possible price.

• You save time – no need to drive across town to an insurance agency

• Save money that you really need for other things by providing the lowest possible rates

Instant Chicago Low-Cost Auto Insurance from 1st American Insurance

• We provide coverage for ALL drivers - including teens and young adults
• We insure drivers with less-than-perfect driving records
• No prior insurance - no problem
• No credit check
• Computerized rating system
• Same-day SR-22 coverage
• Se Habla Espanol
• Serving Chicagoland, Illinois and Indiana

1st American Insurance Works for YOU

When car insurance companies compete for your business, you win! Our online rater will compare companies to find you the lowest cost Chicago auto insurance within minutes. And, when it’s time to renew your insurance policy, we’ll send you a new quote rate. Car insurance companies are always changing their rates. But, since we work for you, we make sure that you always have the lowest possible renewal price.

1st American Insurance offers:

• Competitive quote rates
• Affordable monthly payments
• Efficient claim service
• A call center staffed with friendly, helpful, bilingual people.

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*Disclaimer: actual savings my vary