SR22 Filing

What is SR22 Auto Insurance? Who Needs It?

SR22 insurance is a certification mandated by the state government to verify that an individual has up-to-date auto insurance liability coverage. SR22 insurance is required when an individual has been involved in an accident or has been convicted of a traffic offense and was unable to provide proof of liability insurance. A judge may also order SR22 insurance for other offenses, with forms and procedures varying by state.

The state Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) will notify an individual if they need SR22 insurance; the insurance provider will file an SR22 with the state on the individual's behalf. Insurance companies submit the SR22 to the Department of Motor vehicles, confirming that the appropriate SR22 auto liability insurance is in effect.

Reinstatement of Your Illinois Driver’s License/License Plates

If your driver's license is under suspension due to a motor vehicle violation, we can file an SR22 form for you with the Secretary of State. This form confirms that you have the mandatory auto liability insurance policy required by the Illinois Financial Responsibility Law to have your license or license plates reinstated.

If an individual's SR22 insurance policy expires, is cancelled or is not renewed for any reason, state law requires that the insurance company file a cancellation of the SR22. If the individual does not comply with the SR22 insurance requirement, an SR-26, notifying the state of this SR22 insurance lapse, is filed with the state and the Motor Vehicle Department will suspend the driver's license. In the event that this occurs, the individual will need to re-file for SR22 insurance coverage to have the driver's license re-instated. You do not need to own a car to buy SR22 insurance. Even if you do not own a car, you can protect yourself from the high costs of driving an uninsured car with an SR22 for an Operator's Certificate, which covers the motorist in the operation of any non-owned vehicle. The experienced and knowledgeable team at 1ST American Insurance has been providing SR22 insurance at affordable rates for over 20 years. 1st American Insurance is there to help you with your SR22 insurance needs.

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SR22 violations include:

• Driving without auto insurance
• Automobile accident without car insurance
• DUI/DWI conviction
• Reckless driving
• Three moving violations in a 12-month period
• Drivers license suspension or revocation

What You Should Know about SR22

• SR22 is actually the name of the form used by the insurance companies to notify the Secretary of State that a motorist has the required insurance coverage

• Proof of financial responsibility must be submitted in the form of an SR22 certificate of insurance completed by an auto insurance company and electronically submitted to the Secretary of State before reinstatement of driving privileges or issuance of a restricted driving permit. A Secretary of State fee may also apply.

• When you make a payment to our 1st American Insurance, we will submit a request for an SR22 certificate to your automobile insurance company, which will send the SR22 certificate electronically to the Secretary of State in Springfield. You will receive a copy from the insurance company, as well as a letter from the Secretary of State upon acceptance.

• The SR22 certificate may be in the form of an owner’s certificate, a non-owner/operator certificate, or an owner/operator certificate. The owner’s certificate is required if you need license plates for a vehicle you own, otherwise you should request a non-owner/operator certificate.

Illinois & Indiana SR22 Requirements

Coverage required for an SR22 certificate is the minimum liability insurance required by the state. The insurance policy must conform to the provisions of each state’s vehicle code:

Illinois Limits

• Bodily injury: $20,000 per person / $40,000 per occurrence
• Uninsured motorist: $20,000 per person /$40,000 each occurrence
• Property damage: $15,000

Indiana Limits

• Bodily injury: $25,000 per person / $50,000 per occurrence
• Uninsured motorist: $25,000 per person /$50,000 per occurrence
• Property damage: $10,000

Indiana Limits

The amount of time that you must carry SR22 insurance will vary by state and by severity of the offense; Illinois and Indiana require three years. If your policy lapses or is canceled, your auto insurance company is required to notify the Secretary of State immediately and your license will be suspended.

Since we at 1st American Insurance want you to drive sagely and legally, we urge you to call us at 773-467-2200 to renew your insurance a minimum of 30 days before your current policy expires.