SR 22's Chicago

What is SR 22 Chicago Insurance?

SR 22 is basically an insurance policy that acts as proof to the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that you have vehicle liability insurance. This policy requires the insurance company to notify the DMV immediately if the insurance policy is ever canceled or becomes lapsed.

When is SR 22’s Chicago Insurance Required?

SR-22 insurance will be needed in most cases after your license has been suspended or revoked. You will be required to carry proof of this insurance with you for up to 3 years after the ending date of the revocation period, and you will need to show proof of this insurance prior to getting your license reinstated.

SR 22 and DUI Offenses

The rules for DUI offenses are a little different when it comes to SR 22’s Chicago Insurance. For DWI’s and “Refusal Convictions” you will be required to have SR 22 insurance for 5 years from the date your revocation ends. This penalty increases after a 3rd DUI/DWI offense, and requires you to have the insurance for 20 years after reinstating your license.

Listed below are two situations for which SR 22 Insurance must be carried for the rest of your life:
• 4th DUI/ DWI conviction
• Unsatisfied Judgment

Do you Need SR 22 Chicago Insurance?

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