Insurance Claims

Handling Auto Insurance Claims

If you are involved in a vehicular accident, there are basic steps that you should follow:

• Make sure that you, your passengers, occupants of the other car (if there is one) and any pedestrians, are safe. Call 911 for emergency assistance if needed or if you are unsure.

• Pull your vehicle (if it is drivable) into a safe, well-lit area, such as the shoulder of the road, gas station or parking lot.

• Exchange insurance information as well as personal information (phone #s, address, etc.) with the other driver and get the contact information of witnesses, as well.

• Call law enforcement if you need help or if you have any fears of the circumstances.

• Find out where your vehicle will be towed if it is not drivable.

• Call your insurance company (the number will be on your insurance card, which should be in your glove compartment.

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