Commercial Auto Insurance

Who Needs Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

You may require commercial auto insurance for your cars, vans and trucks that you use to ‘drive’ your business. Whether you own a huge corporation or a small “mom and pop” company, you should look into obtaining commercial auto insurance from 1st American Insurance. Commercial auto insurance is a type of policy that covers both physical damage and liability that is not covered by your personal auto policy. You may also need commercial vehicle insurance if your employees ever operate the vehicle/s or if ownership of the company is a corporation or partnership

1st American Insurance representatives will help you decide on the amount of coverage you need based on how you will use your car, van or truck, who will be driving and how many vehicles are covered.

What does Commercial Automobile Insurance Cover?

Commercial vehicle insurance provides similar coverage to your personal auto insurance, such as liability, collision, comprehensive, medical payments and uninsured motorist coverage. Differences between commercial auto insurance policies and personal auto policies may include eligibility requirements, coverage, exclusions and limits.

The experienced and knowledgeable team at 1ST American Insurance has been providing commercial auto insurance at affordable rates for over 20 years. 1st American Insurance is there to help you with your commercial auto insurance as well as your personal insurance needs. Please call 773-467-2200 for information on lowest possible prices with best available coverage.